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Wild Horses

  • Wild Horses

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  • Moonoak Hill

    Moonoak HillA eerily perfectly-shaped hill in the midst of a sparsely wooded glade.
       A single, gnarled oak tree sits atop it, it's pale limbs curled and twisting upwards.
       When the moon rises, it seems to hover directly over this hill, and it's milky, dappled surface seems much larger in this certain place.

    The place where each horse that has claimed a land, along with his most trusted colleagues and deputies, meet each time a full moon appears (one real month). Here, they discuss issues with the other claimants, or 'Land Leaders', as they're called.

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  • Foggy Plains

    Foggy PlainsA vast clearing surrounded by forest. Experiences snowstorms quite a bit. Low temperatures year round. Wolves sometimes wander through it, so be wary.

    Claimed- WarHorse's Soldier.

    Moderator: Feythe
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    Mon Feb 15, 2010 4:21 pm
    ILuvWolves Soldier Enters, and Claims
  • Avalon Falls

    Avalon FallsA cool waterfall flowing into a pool. A sparse forest surrounds it. A mysterious place that's never been touched by humans, it's the perfect place to give birth or just relax. The grass is green and lush all year long.


    Moderator: Feythe
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    Wed Jan 05, 2011 5:53 am
    Brumby Soy Un Perdedor: The Arrival
  • Solstice Meadow

    Solstice MeadowA warm, vast space of rolling hills and meadows. Beautiful wildflowers bloom in Spring and last until Summer. Mild in Spring, warm in summer, and not too cold in winter.
       The grass becomes thin in Fall, though. Solstice Meadow neighbors Avalon Falls.


    Moderator: Feythe
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    Tue Jan 12, 2010 2:43 pm
    ILuvWolves Tragic Arrives.
  • Twilight Desert

    Twilight DesertA barren, rocky desert. Large rock formations pepper the dry landscape. The temperatures spike during the day and may drop below freezing when the sun sets.
       Almost no vegetation, but one large oasis in the middle of it.

    CLAIMED- Artistry's Shadow.

    Moderator: Feythe
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    Mon Mar 15, 2010 4:34 pm
    Artistry (unwritten rendition)
  • Valley Of Life

    Valley Of Life   A large valley sheltered by jagged mountains. Grass grows long and lush all until winter. In spring, white crocus flowers are the first to bloom.
       The place where all mares come to give birth. A narrow, pure stream runs through it.
       Many young horses have spotted The Mother Of Life here.
       Antelope and deer frequent here.


    Moderator: Feythe
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  • Faerie Glade

    Faerie Glade

    A veritable paradise of warm sunshine and lush willow trees surrounding a small glade with a creek of clear azure water nearby.
       Songbirds nest in the willows in the spring, and deer often stop here to rest.
       Oddly enough, it never seems to be winter here, and it never gets cold.
       Older inhabitants of the Faerie Glade say that long ago, sprites conjured up the glade as a haven from humans. It must have worked, for humans never enter here.

    CLAIMED- Sam's Ice.

    Moderator: Feythe
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    Sun Nov 28, 2010 11:54 am
    Sam Ice makes a claim
  • Rainbow Valley

    Rainbow Valley   A great place for horses to come rest. There aren't many humans or predators in this area, and it's very peaceful.

    CLAIMED- WildWind's Storm

    Moderator: Feythe
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  • Fern Loop Forest

    Fern Loop Forest   A beautiful, light-filled forest in the daytime, great to forage or just take a walk, but dangerous and menacing at night, when wolves, cougars, and bachelor stallions come out. The bachelors lurk here at night, waiting for a misled mare to force-breed with.


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    Tue Jan 18, 2011 10:21 pm
    Brumby Barbed Wire Bracelets: Unfamiliar Territory
  • Fallen Soul Canyon

    Fallen Soul CanyonA dark canyon that is perpetually shrouded by shadow, the black cliffs here overlook a bleak river and many flat valleys, all of which are looked over by their master, the cruel Friesian, Fallen. Few horses who have dared enter here have made it through alive.

    CLAIMED- TheElves' Fallen.

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    Sat Jan 08, 2011 2:11 pm
    BabyBirdWispers Fallen's Patrol

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