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Cavalry Stud's Staff

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Cavalry Stud's Staff Empty Cavalry Stud's Staff

Post  WarHorse on Fri Jan 15, 2010 7:03 pm

There's more but these are the ones I roleplay with XP

Caroline Sterler

The owner of Cavalry Stud, her main goal at the stable is to make sure her horses are happy. She has also taken on the role of stable keeper and spends a lot of time around her horses, making sure they are all looking healthy and cheerful. With many jobs to carry out, Caroline always seems to be in a rush. And yet, she still has the time to ride Disposition, the mare she competed at show jumping for many years.
Age: 24
Appearance: Light brown hair always worn in a pony tail, emerald green eyes, medium height and an average build.

Thomas Kentson

Cavalry Stud’s trusted vet and Caroline’s close friend, he has never met a sick horse he can’t cure. When working with an injured horse he is determined and gravely focused, as though there was nothing more important than that single horse and keeping it alive. Caroline could never wish for a better vet, and Thomas loves working at Cavalry Stud. Before becoming a full time vet he competed internationally at grand prix dressage and still competes with Parabola every now and again.
Age: 27
Appearance: Messy black hair, brown eyes with streaks of green, tall height and sturdy build.

Kat Arthen

Always willing to lend a hand, she practically lives at Cavalry Stud. She is a hard worker and is excellent with horses, handling the most fiery of stallions with gentle ease. Though she started out as just a groom because of her youth, Kat’s talent as a rider was recognised and now she exercises even the top horses at the stable. Her favourite horse is Grudge, as she loves galloping at full speed across the surrounding hills and flying over tall cross country jumps.
Age: 15
Appearance: Very short, dark brown hair, pale brown eyes and a tall, slim build.

Mathew Glen

Able to compete at the top levels of both showjumping and eventing, he is a well known rider at Cavalry Stud. He has worked at the stables for many years, and everything he knows has come from Caroline’s instructing. Now an instructor himself, Mathew enjoys watching young riders improving with each lesson. Kat looks up to him, and he gives her lessons or rides with her when they have some spare time. Though he is fond of all the horses, he admits that Vicarious is his favourite.
Age: 19
Appearance: Brown, fairly straight hair, ocean blue eyes and a tall, average build.

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