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a pirate's life for me

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a pirate's life for me  Empty a pirate's life for me

Post  Yak on Tue Nov 30, 2010 7:21 pm

A warning to the people
the good and the evil
a pirate's life for me  2133h5f

there ain't no rest for the wicked ---
may Davy Jones have mercy on her soul

it's the moment of truth
and the moment to l i e

the B A S I C S !

- - - - name, amelia bladeflint. learn it. fear it.
- - - - i am a, sultry pirate, savvy no?
- - - - nicknames, i prefer something humble, such as amelia the great. but just amelia's fine. pet names are hot: milly, mill, sexy, hottie with a body, catch my drift?
- - - - gender, if you really must know and are really that stupid, i'm a girl.
- - - - age, seventeen and kicking it.
- - - - birth date, july 2
- - - - current residence, my ship? oh, and a local tavern on tortuga, that's where i hang at least.
- - - - i'm from, a small island country in the bahamas known as rolbeta. my "father", the man who was legally my father and whom my mother was engaged to, was king of rolbeta and the admiral of a fleet of ships stationed in port royal.
- - - - occupation, pirate, the occasional man slaughter, and stealing men; I'd watch your back if I were you.
- - - - class, well, i used to be a princess. but seeing as i am an illegitimate child i was stripped of my title, even if i still have the blood. i don't get it. whatever. now i guess i'm a rogue. but more importantly - a pirate
- - - - title, i'm my own dang captain. i don't have a crew but i have a ship. i don't need a crew. i can handle things myself and have done so for the past... seventeen years of my life.
- - - - alignment, alignment? what alignment? hah. i follow no one. i take my own orders. i'm not about to follow someone else's beliefs. not even if their my own fellow pirates. but if you had to label me, you possibly couldn't. i'm not entirely evil and i'm not entirely all good. and for god's sake i'm not neutral! anything but neutrality. those are the weak who can't pick a side. i can't pick a side but i'm strong.
- - - - status, single... i'm not much of the commitment type of person.
- - - - hobbies, well, i say constantly putting my life into danger is sort of a hobby. and oh, no one would guess i can actually ride a horse. it's one of those things you learned growing up as a princess. i pretty much forgot how to sew and cook... sorry guys.

the moment to l i v e
and the moment to die

the A P P E A R A N C E !

- - - - height, 5 foot - but i'm packed with a mighty pow
- - - - weight, a bit personable, but i'm fit - 98 lbs
- - - - build, short and skinny, with some muscling.
- - - - posture, from years of training i have naturally good posture. that means you know actually standing up straight with squared shoulders and head held high with pride and stuff? yeah. they drill that crap into your brain.
- - - - skin, i'm naturally pale-ish. but i spend lots of time in the sun, so i'm tan at times. i don't know what else to say about it. oh, and it's really soft?
- - - - hair, a natural jet black that falls in long cascading waves with many layers and random braids and beads. but most often i pull it back with a few strands framing my face, with the rest of my hair tucked into my hat.
- - - - eyes, gray, and if you couldn't tell, i was lying and messing with you. for real, my eye's are a light green.
- - - - expressions, i got the smug grin, the sly grin, the wicked grin, the tilted grin, the 'you just pissed me off now i'm going to rip your head off' look, and lots of other sassy sultry facial expressions!
- - - - smile, i don't smile often because, a smile is a woman's best feature. and most people i meet don't deserve my best. i know it sounds weird, but honest to god it makes sense in my head! but when i do smile, it lights up my whole face and yeah, it's my best feature.
- - - - scars, yeah, i have scars. big deal.
- - - - other, a tattoo of a shark on my arm to intimidate my foes. and an anchor right on my heart; my heart will always be anchored in the sea, cute right? i think so. i also have a tattoo on my left eye... i think it's supposed to be some tribal thing. i don't know, i woke up with it after a heavy night of drinking. my ears are pierced up and down my cartilage with large silver hoops and studs. my lip and upper right brow are pierced. as for my face. it's pretty obvious i came from the best of the line, yeah, royals. my features are delicate and look fragile, but don't let that fool you boy. i'm anything but fragile and delicate.
- - - - style, loose one shoulder pale shirts, fitted to my tiny body by a leather laced up corset. men's pants and lovely knee high fitted boots. i never go anywhere without my tattered red sash i tie around my waist where i store my lovely weapons. and my cavalry hat, it accents my delicate facial features. and when i'm feeling a bit adventurous i throw on my rustic blue ripped and teared jacket with back flaps that brush just above my knee, and lovely cuffs with gold studs. when i feel a bit feminine i wear my favorite rose-red corset that enhances my womanly figure and some tight black pants with slouchy black leather boots, or no shoes at all.
- - - - weaponry, my blade of choice is always a broadsword. those things are nasty. heavy, but deal a lot of damage and you just swing them around and stuff and can kill like five guys around you. i looted a cursed shark tooth blade broadsword from a spanish frigate. it's basically my pride and joy. i always carry around with me a tri-barrel pistol just in case things get... ugly. i almost always carry with me a dagger and throwing blades for more of the assault type stuff.

the moment to fight
to the right to the left

the P E R S O N A L I T Y !

- - - - loves, the sea, men, storms, men, tattoos, men with tattoos, more men, RUUUMM, horses - lovely animals, men, oh and gold. and i live to push the envelope, live life on the edge, even if it kills me. and i like to be caught, my great escapes leave many confused.
- - - - loathes, jail, women - i like men, the noose
- - - - strengths, hmmm. my strengths? i'm a manipulative, lying, greedy, cold-blooded ruthless killer. but i wouldn't consider those something to boast about. although i can get almost anything i want the way i can manipulate a man. other than that, my knowledge of the ship and the sea could easily surpass yours. besides that i'm a shameless girl with many flaws. oh, i almost forgot. i got a quick mind, i can think my way out of situations in a matter of seconds. it comes in handy when i'm in those 'i have like literally five seconds to save myself' kind of situations.
- - - - weaknesses, just about everything. i have the attention span of a drunk; and they have none. so there's me in a nut shell. men easily distract me from any mission. as well as money. oh, and a pirate's best friend; rum. the drinking doesn’t stop until i hit the floor. i can drink more than a man twice my size. oh... and i have a terrible addiction to gambling. i lose most of my money at poker.
- - - - dreams, become the most feared pirate ever to set sail on the seas. oh, and rule the world.
- - - - fears, i have no fear. wouldn't it be nice if i had one though?
- - - - intelligence, oh, i know way more than i should.
- - - - languages, english and fluent french. it's some big fad in the islands.
- - - - overall personality, i've heard many things but above all, i'm nothing but a lying skank. that doesn't sound anything like me. i'm honest and clear as pigeon. or a seagull. i'm not very good at comparing oneself to another. a lot of people like to believe i'm a two-faced hell-hound. one second i'm cruel and the next i'm as smooth and charming as well... i'd say butter but butter isn't very charming. but neither are as different as people think, they are both simple two sides of the coin that i was cast as. so to start things off; i'd stay on my good side. although it's very easy for me to switch on you. just watch what you say, and we'll get along better than fishies and the sea. i'd say i'm very independent for the most part and maybe just a little stubborn, ha, but i can get what i want easily.

Strong Headed it's my way, or the boot. i'm determined to have my way. i'm the stubborn strong willed type of girl. it's almost impossible to change my mind. arguing with me is like arguing with a brick wall. just remember, you may be right, but i'm never wrong. i have this mental toughness where i'm extremely hard to beat down.

Independent i can take care of myself. it's not like my mom was ever there to help me either. i've never relied on anyone but myself. and so far, it seems to be working out, and i plan to keep it that way. i'm a free spirited girl who likes to handle things by herself. i don't really like to think of me ever depending on someone.

Rebellious i guess this goes hand in hand with my independent nature. i don't ever want to be controlled. i live to push the envelope and pretty much put my life in jeopardy. rules... hah. rules are just suggestions. along with my rebellious nature, it's only natural i'm a bold risk taker. i'm a blunt, straight shooter risk taker. i'm never the one to hesitate to jump right into the action and get my hands dirty.

Rash yeah, this is what gets me in trouble... a lot. i'm quick to act on my emotions and never fully think things through... actually. i never think things through. i never even think before i do something. and then i get those moments where it's like oh shoot... probably shouldn't have done that. but those moments are so worth living for. that adrenaline rush you get... man. it also makes me an impulsive buyer/gambler. if i see anything i like i'm the first to buy it. and gambling... don't even get me started with gambling. if i lose any money, i have this urge to win it all back.

Sweet did you expect that? like did you honestly expect that i'm actually sweet? this side rarely comes out. but if i meet someone i care about, i'm willing to risk my life to save them. i'm extremely loyal to anyone who has managed to wiggle their way into my heart. i'm not always some rebellious bloodthirsty monster. and there are people who i actually care about other than myself.

Deceiving i'm private about my emotions. i'm not one to wear my heart on my sleeve. i keep my emotions hidden behind a stern mask and glaring eyes. i believe someone could easily play my emotions against me so i keep them hidden and concealed. i come off as confident and strong, but sometimes that's not always the case...

for the rest... you'll figure it out yourself.

we will fight to the death
to the edge of the earth

the H I S T O R Y !

Let me spin you tale, one full of many twists and turns, evils, maybe even a little hope. The story of a young girl scouring the globe for glory, fame, money. There was a time when this girl had a soul, actually cared about someone else beside herself; believe it or not. Well, let's start off with the foundation of the story; her parents. Amelia is of noble-birth. Her mother was a princess of some foreign country, next in line to heir the throne. That was until her affair. While openly in a relationship with another man, there was many things going on behind closed doors. Amelia's mother, Guinevere, had fallen in love with a pirate; a feared pirate by the name of Captain Del. Together, they had a child; Amelia. To cover up the lies Guinevere claimed the baby was that of her husband-to-be. Everyone fell for the lie; even Amelia herself.

Amelia grew up as a lady of high-class with proper manners; much contrasting to present-day Amelia, although she does carry herself in a sophisticated manner. She was taught how to sew, cook, and anything a lady of high-class should know. She even learned how to ride horses, which she fell in love with. But, Amelia had her father's fighting spirit. She wanted to learn how to fight, how to wield a sword, how to defend herself. But fighting of any sort was highly frowned upon for a lady. That didn't stop Amelia from practicing in hiding; she grew more rebellious with age, and she wasn't that perfect princess anymore.

Everything fell apart the summer of her fifteenth birthday. Guinevere and Del were caught in the middle of their giant lie they had hidden so well for those sixteen years. Everything they had crumbled to dust. Captain Del was hung for piracy and Guinevere was stoned to death for adultery. Amelia had nowhere to run, no one to turn to. She was an illegitimate child, no one wanted her. For the next year she lived in the streets, living off the scraps of others or the generosity of sympathetic people.

The day of the pirate raid, Amelia was liberated from the shackles of her past. It was a sign from Heaven to her. All her life she was the daughter of a pirate, she had mastered the sword and pistol. This was her calling. Join the pirates, become one of them; they were out-casts anyways - she would fit in. How wrong she was. She was abused, beaten, walked all over on for the mere fact she was a girl. Amelia wasn't just about to take the abuse either; her fiery personality wouldn't allow it. So that night she killed every men on board the ship, threw them over board, and re-named the ship the Crimson Runner. Now she sails the seas solo; she doesn't need help or a crew when she's feared by many.

a pirate's life for me  2f09dg6
pirates of the Caribbean online (this is the actual Amelia xD)

the T H E M E S O N G !

dead men tell no tales...

a pirate's life for me  Ncfp6a a pirate's life for me  108eamc a pirate's life for me  15cn1gp

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