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/* shiver me timbers

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/*   shiver me timbers Empty /* shiver me timbers

Post  Vertigo on Fri Dec 03, 2010 8:39 pm

A warning to the people
the good and the e v i l

/*   shiver me timbers Adcmqv
there ain't no rest for the wicked ---
may Davey Jones have mercy on his soul

it's the moment of truth
and the moment to l i e

the B A S I C S !

- - - - name, benjamin forten
- - - - i am a, bloodthirsty brute.
- - - - nicknames, your tongue doesn't even deserve to say my name.
- - - - gender, male.
- - - - age, eighteen, barely.
- - - - occupation, if you haven't figured out yet, i'm a pirate.

the moment to l i v e
and the moment to die

the A P P E A R A N C E !

- - - - height, 6 foot 1 inch
- - - - weight, 122 pounds.
- - - - build, tall and thin, with strong hardend muscles.
- - - - hair, sort of a fadded black. hangs around his face in areas, while the rest is pulled back in a neat pony tail. sometimes i'll have my hat on, but usually i like to feel the sweet sea air running through my locks
- - - - eyes, sky blue
- - - - other, i have piercings but they usually end up pissing me off so i don't wear them. but i have a tattoo on my chest of a skull. that is my pride and joy, except for my ship.
- - - - style, usually wearing his hair back in a ponytail. tall brown boots that go up to his shins, a loose shirt that shows off his tattoo with a tight short-sleeved coat over top. he always wears dark brown or black tight pants. always has his sword on his left hip and his gun in this left boot.

the moment to fight
to the right to the left

the P E R S O N A L I T Y !

- - - - loves, rum, beer, blackjack, girls, gold
- - - - loathes, wine, tea, poker, other men pirates, fools gold
- - - - strengths, uhhh, i guess i'm a good swordman?
- - - - weaknesses, hah, you wish you knew.
- - - - dreams, to sail around the whole world, looting every navy ship.
- - - - fears, fears? pah. you should be the one fearing me mate.
- - - - overall personality,

CHARMING - - - -
I guess people call me the charmer... Not to brag, but the ladies can't seem to reject my crooked smile and oh, my tattoo. Ah, the ladies. How they drive me wild. It's nice to take a break from looting ships just to relax with some rum and a few nice ladies under my arms. I'm a pirate and I'm living my life the way I want to live it. Who can resist that?

Yeah, I'm the devious type. I'm usually the one who doesn't listen to a word someone says, especially if they're warning me. You're not a pirate if you don't take risks. So don't tell me what I can do or what I can't do. Because I swear I can slit your throat as fast as you can tell your pretty little lies.
I'm told I'm cunning.. hah. I don't know if people mean it as a compliment or an insult, but I'm taking that as a compliment. Decieving people is like a second nature to me. I can tell a little fib as easily as I can drink rum. I guess you could call me untrustworthy, but hey I'm a pirate.

CURIOUS - - - -
Yeah, I have a little problem with being too curious. Everyone says it's going to get me killed one day. Well we're all going to die someday, who cares? Curiosity is a gift and at least I'm using it. I enjoy learning about things, it sorta makes up for my lack of education. And it makes me seem smarter than all my crew. At least that's a plus...

Okay, okay I don't want you expecting me of some crazy bloodthirsty brute who enjoys just slitting everyone's throats, friend or foe. Well I don't. I at least have dignity when I kill. Sure, I have pleasure killing people. But only navy soldiers. Blah, they just get on my nerves. But if you prove you're unworthy in my eyes, you'll probably be dead in the morning or be long gone.

Most people aren't lucky to see this side of me. My nice side. Yeah, Mr. Bad Bloodythirsty Pirate does have a sweet side. What'd you expect? That I was all rude and full of hate all the time? Hah. That does not impress the ladies, my fellow. Trust me, I've learned. Anyways, this side usually only comes out a few times when I'm just relaxing. Otherwise I'm back to my old deceitful, cunning, curious and charming self. Better get used to me, bud. 'Cause I'm not leaving these seas for a long time.

we will fight to the death
to the edge of the earth

the H I S T O R Y !

Today I will tell you a tale of a young man. Full of twists and turns, that might have you on the edge of your seat the entire time. Though, I do caution you. This tale is haunted by the souls of Pirates. If you keep reading and don't believe this tale... God have mercy.

Once, in a world far and wide, there lived a young boy of 8. He was a poor Farmer man's son. Most days he would spend at the dock, watching the boats and ships sail out. How he wished he could be a sailor. To be amongst the sea all day. At night, he would dream of the day he would grow older and leave his parents for the sea. His dad though expected him to continue the Farm. He never listened to Benjamin's dreams. Never.

One night, when it was around 8 p.m., a pirate raid attacked their small town. In curiosity, he ran outside to see all the chaos. Though his parents begged him to stay in the house, he deliberately disobeyed and ran around as the pirates destoryed house after house. As he was going back home, he saw his house was on fire. His heart stopped. His house was on fire! He ran, screaming his parents names. No response. His life was just put into flames. Everything was gone. Forever.

He watched his house burn, before turning and walking to the port. The Pirates who raided them were looting the goods before piling in. He watched them with silence, the fact that he had just lost his family and home never crossing his mind. Curiosity was totally taking over. One of the pirates saw him. He talked to a few of his crewmates, and before he knew it he was on the ship.

They treated him like their little brother. Raising him with the pirate ways. Teaching him about the ways of the sea. Day after day, year after year, he learned the teachings of a Pirate easily. It was now his nature. From 8 years old to now 16, Benjamin was granted a ship with his own crew. The pirates waved him off as he started his life journey. The life of a pirate.

dead men tell no tales...

(c.) Yak. Thanks for letting me use the coding xD
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/*   shiver me timbers Empty Re: /* shiver me timbers

Post  Vertigo on Sat Jan 29, 2011 9:03 am

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