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// Girls just wanna have f u n

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// Girls just wanna have f u n Empty // Girls just wanna have f u n

Post  Vertigo on Sat Dec 04, 2010 3:11 pm

// Girls just wanna have f u n 2iqn7r// Girls just wanna have f u n 343n3tj// Girls just wanna have f u n 2wp6l4w

ROAG - nicole - SMITH
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Pictures of last night ended up online
I'm screwed
Last Friday night
Yeah I think we broke the law

the B A S I C S
FULLNAME Roag Nicole Smith
NICKNAME You can call me RoRo
AGE 17
JOB Unemployed
STATUS I'm a single lady.

the A P P E A R E N C E
HEIGHT 5 foot 7 inches
WEIGHT 127 pounds
BUILD She's fit..
HAIR Dark brown curly hair that goes to about her shoulders.
EYES Hazel eyes that are usually dancing with excitement
APPAREL Bright colored shirts, sometimes her favorite band ones, tight skinny jeans or shorts, and tennis shoes or flip flops. Rarely she wears heels, they give her blisters on her ankles and they just bother her.
OVERALL Described as being a party girl, her body can show it. Her tan body just shows she spends a lot of time at the beach and parties during the day and night. Her features get a lot of guys attracted to her but usually they're rejected.

the P E R S O N A L I T Y
PERSONALITY RoRo has one of those attitudes where she just really doesn't care and would rather party then do homework or other crap. She's very outgoing and has a huge mouth that pretty much says her feelings all the time. RoRo is easy to talk to because she usually will do all the talking since she's one, a girl and second because she's just a blabber mouth. Just make sure you don't tell your deepest secrets because they may slip out, unless you're someone she really cares about you're secrets will be out and about the world soon.

Other than all the loud and craziness RoRo is sweet and nice and loves to make good impressions, especially on the guys. But if you don't like her for some apparent reason, she really won't care. Though usually she's liked a lot by the way she acts. Her care-free smile and bright sparkling hazel eyes just make people adore her.

More about this girl is that she's trustworthy when she's not drunk, because when she's drunk stuff just spills out. She's a party animal as I said before, and can do some wicked dance moves. Her education isn't that good since she pretty much ditched school a lot. RoRo's parents didn't care what she did and she tried to get their attention by doing insane things, but none of it helped. Soon, doing all of these things, it became part of her habit which is why she's so used to doing the crazy stuff. Some stuff is because of peer presure of her so called friends, and the only way she can really be herself is riding.

RoRo has another side that isn't all girly; riding. One of her favorite things to do is ride her mare, Jazzy. It helps her relax and forget all about her messed up life. Since her facial expressions show she's fine, deep down she's not. Her past still haunts her of being neglected and raped. The connection between her and Jazzy is unbelieveable. When Roag's with her, she seems to be a different person. No more crazy Miss Party girl. She's relaxed and calm and very friendly then. Most people don't know this side of her and never really get a chance, since most of her friends are alchoholics and some of her best friends died from overdose of drugs.

HIDDEN TALENT RoRo's hidden talent that she keeps from everyone is that she is a great singer. But when it comes to parties, you don't sing, you dance. So no one ever figures out that she has an amazing voice. The only one who's been able to hear her amazing talent is her palomino mare, Jazzy.
[+]Guys, at times
[-]Seeing friends decease
[-]Her past
[-]Greedy, annoying brats

the H I S T O R Y
HOMETOWN Jefferson City, Missiouri
+Hannah Smith - Birth mother; location: Still in Missouri
+Jason Smith - Birth father; location: Still in Missouri
+Damien Smith - Her oldest brother; location: Married and in Florida
+Austin Smith - The second oldest brother; location: Engaged, for now in Missouri
OTHER No one
HISTORY RoRo was born on accident her parents had said. Her parents got carried away by themselves and she happened. Roag was neglected by her parents, and since she was the youngest she was picked on. She never really had true friends, ones who just said they were and later in her life betrayed her. But since she was neglected and never was able to get her parents attention, she tried doing dangerous things to maybe get their attention. It didn't work, her parents and brothers ignored her even more it seemed. One night she overheard her parents talking and saying that her mom was wishing she had gotten abortion, but since she hadn't known she was pregnant RoRo was born. This killed Roag inside, hearing her parents say those hurtful words. Later that night, RoRo packed up and left, hoping to find a better place. She moved in with a friend who taught her the bad habits of drinking and parties. These became her habit and soon she was in nightclubs, doing illegal things and just being a little drama queen.

When she was 14 she was out late with her friends when one of them said they wanted to go do something really quickly. She waited there for a little while when a man came up behind her and raped her. That left a scar on her and she has always been afraid of the dark. She ran away, tears down her face and hid in the apartment she was sharing with her friend. Her friend soon came in the next morning and saw RoRo packing up and leaving. Trying to stop her, she was shoved out of the way and never saw RoRo again.

She didn't know where she was going but right now it didn't matter. All she wanted to do was get out of here. Forever. As she was walkinng along the road, she saw a little barn at someone's house. Her eyes landed on a skinny, abused looking palomino mare. Frowning, she quietly tip-toed her way over to the mare. In a quick move, she had gotten the mare untied and now free. Some of the men saw her, and started screaming at her. RoRo just smiled at them before clicking her tongue, uring the mare into a gallop. They were gone within minutes. After arriving in a small town, RoRo took this as her chance to start over. A chance to make a new life. Both her and her mare, who she named All That Jazz aka Jazzy were both on their way to healing. Who knows, maybe on the way she'll find a little love.

the N O W
AS OF NOW RoRo and Jazzy were soon settled in their new temporary home. She knew she had to change her ways and needed someone to understand her problems and help her heal from all her past. Jazzy is helping with some of it, but she needs a human to help. She stills parties there but is trying to keep her distance from the alchohol.

She's planning for staying in the new town for a while, maybe even longer. She's becoming a better person and is now feeling more comfortable The healing is already is in process...
MY SIDE OF THE STORY I'm Roag, but please call me RoRo. I have a mare named Jazzy and... yeah. That's it I guess.

// Girls just wanna have f u n Stallion1
the H E A L E R
NAME All That Jazz; Jazzy
BREED Quarter Horse
AGE 10
PERSONALITY Calm, relaxed, understanding and loving
APPEARANCE A semi-tall palomino mare with a blaze and flaxen main and tail.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

a thousand other boys couldn't reach you

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