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Post  Yak on Mon Dec 20, 2010 1:36 pm

jerry 'JETT' halendros
flyinglikean A E R O P L A N E Duff3-1 flyinglikean A E R O P L A N E Duff3-1-1
take me down to the Paradise City


Signs the Entry Application with Jerry Halendros
People shout Jett
Flown through 17 Years
Dropped down in California
Views the world through Green Eyes
Underneath the hat80s mullet, blonde, surprisingly hot on him
Came into the world on November 21st
Found a chick? Nope
Noticed as bassist, alcoholic, immature, sarcastic, talkative...
Proudly Stands At Six foot Three Inches, he's a big guy ;)
Walks Around In Leather, gloves, chains, t-shirt usually sporting a logo of some sort
Blood-kin: Hah...
Underneath The SkinJett's one of those very complex people. But he's one where you just want to dig deeper and learn more about this boy. He's a bit shy and timid at first, but right off the bat you can tell there's more going on then just that shy boy outer coating. When he's opened up, he's generally very compassionate about others, and wears his emotions on his sleeve, oh... and he talks, a lot. Everything shows on his face. He's not afraid to show if he's hurt, longing, happy, nervous, or whatever it might be.What surprises most is his sense of humor. It's more of a sarcastic humor with spicy witty remarks, and a sharp tongue. But many things amuse him, and it's not hard to get him to laugh. He has his moments where he's extremely immature. He's been known to leap and dance around like no one's watching. Or he'll chase around bugs, set up traps to catch little, helpless animals, starting a small fire anything you can imagine a little kid doing he's done. Like I said, he has his moments.
What Makes Him Smilehorses, bugs, fire, Jagger, girls, food, and smoking
Makes Him Frown people not acting like themselves, liars
Hidden TalentJett also has a musical gift. He's very talented at the bass.
HistoryJerry was born into a family where his mom and dad were busy at work and rarely came home. The two made tons of money together as they worked full shifts. The Halendros lived in a rather stunning, sprawling mansion in the Beverly Hills. Jerry was cared by a nanny, and got anything and everything he wanted. He was content with this life style until he hit the age of 13. Things changed. He wanted to see his mom and dad, he didn't want to live in a mansion, and he didn't want a nanny, a personal chef, or a chauffeur. He wanted to live a normal life. Unfortunately that never did happen.

Instead of wasting around, and sulking Jerry decided to pick up music as a hobby. He had tried out several band instruments, which his parents would have preferred him to play, but none suited him. It was at the age of 15 he picked up a bass for the first time. And for that firs time, Jerry knew that was what he wanted to do.

He called himself Jett, and so did everyone else. A lot of other changes came along with "Jett." Jerry had grown out his modest buzz cut, into an 80s styled mullet. His blonde locks were always fluffed and feathered, and he actually could pull off the look. With the new hair, Jett ditched his old wardrobe of baggy jeans and baggy T-Shirts and switched it up with leather, and tighter fitting clothes.

Jett's parents found it hard to believe there little boy had turned into a hard core rocker, and immediately disapproved of Jett's new ways. That was when Jett felt abandoned. For his whole life his parents had never cared who he was. And now with this sudden change, they continued to show no support. Instead they were shunning their own son.

Fed up with his parents, Jett became a legal emancipated minor, and set off on a long journey; where he survived on the money he made with his performances. Jett had traveled south, down to the boarder of Mexico, and was greeted by a kid his age. The two connected, and the boy led Jett to a sanctuary: a horse sanctuary, where kids with troubled pasts came to heal. It was there where he connected with horses, and he met his friend for life - Jagger. The two instantly clicked as they were both musicians. Some of Jagger's bad habits of drinking and smoking rubbed off on Jett, but Jett dared not to do drugs. Instead he promised his new friend he'd help him with his drug addiction; that was until Jagger set off on his own adventure.
My Side of the Story Yeah, I go by Jett. Don't call me anything else but that. Anyways, I play the bass, not much else is going on.
Horse Dun Mustang named Aero

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