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Post  Vertigo on Tue Dec 28, 2010 6:49 pm

the black dancer 505yqr

My name...
The Black Dancer

What they call me...

Say it Right....
pronouced z-a-r, the C is silent.

My breed..
Selle Francias

My gender...

How tall?
16.2 Hands high

My features..
o My body color - Pure Black
o My Main/Tale color - Pure Black

How old, you ask?
3 years old and kicking it.

Where I belong..
Dark side, my friend

What I am like..
He's a cruel guy with no heart - obviously. He's athletic and intelligent and light on his feet; a trickster. He's the one who usually starts the fights, and enjoys watching them after he's out.

The Past is horrifying...
Czar was troublesome from the begining. His parents deserted him at 10 months old for how destructive he was. They didn't understand how he was so mean and cruel, for they were both nice and sweet. He never really knew them.

He soon found out how to live on hiself. He learned life was cruel, and to live in it you had to be cruel also. Never nice and peaceful. He learned about the differences between good and bad, and he followed to the dark side. He learned how to fight and take care of himself.

But when he was almost 2 he wandered to close to the Clash Line and got caught by humans. He was abused, and learned her could not only not trust horses - but humans too. He soon escaped, with fury and anger in his eyes. Eyes of hatred. Eyes for the need to kill.

These Days...
He has learned more and more about his dark side and follows by his rules. He kills anyone who disagrees with him or just any other horse who he dislikes. Very evil, as I said. He looks for land that'll be his soon. Though he is sort of young, he's strong, smart, athletic, and sort of handsome - oh and don't forget evil. Weird mixture, isn't it?
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