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Post  Yak on Sun Jan 16, 2011 6:27 pm

» name, Sir Armand Gregory Mannering. But to you peasant, I am addressed as 'Your Royal Highness.'
» i am, the Royal Duke of Rolbeta. My aunt used to be the queen until her affair. And yes, to answer your question ahead of time I am related to the belated Queen Guinevere and that pirate skank Amelia. I possibly don't see how we could ever be related, but we are.
» nick names, Your Royal Highness. I will personally cut your tongue out myself if you call me anything less.
» gender, I'd be a duchess if I were a female.
» age, 18 years young, son.
» date of birth, The Twenty-Second of August, it's a celebrated holiday here in Rolbeta.
» current residence, Rolbeta. Where else?
» i'm from, The Mannering family lived in England prior to my aunt's affair. After she was condemned and punished of her rancid deed, her brother - my father, was heir to the throne. So it was only natural the royal family followed.
» class, the wealthiest.
» title, Royal Duke of Rolbeta. I should be the heir to the throne. But it was decided my older more military experienced cousin would be a better choice. Hmph...
» hobbies, I spend most of my free time drawing maps, constructing designs for future war ships, riding my horse, or refining my fighting skills. That or being fitted for new clothing.

» height, I'm not quite sure. But something over six foot if you really must need to know.
» weight, not sure, but I am fit.
» build, I'm very tall with a very well balanced build with nice muscling. My muscles are well toned and defined.
» posture, the best of the best. I have achieved a perfect center of balance with my posture, you can ask my well toned and developed abdominal muscles.
» skin, my skin's the customary pale from spending hours upon hours indoors working on my studies and what not.
» hair, dark brown, it's generally a clean shave close to my head with an obvious widow's peak. At times I let it grow out some and it gets a bit curly and messy.
» style, I wear only the highest fashion trends.
» weaponry, I'm a world renowned archer. I can wield a sword as well. I carry a set of throwing daggers on me, you know just in case I run into any of those savages - pirates. These islands are infested with the scums.
» eyes, very light blue, and very mysterious looking

» loves, clothes, the library, drawing maps, sailing, archery, women, the taverns, England, the monarchy
» loathes, pirates, Amelia, anything simple, dirt, not being next in line for the throne
» strengths, my keen sense of intelligence, I'm very charismatic and a great speaker, I'm a natural leader, and well... good looking.
» weaknesses, Nothing. Except, I can't accept failure. And oh... clothing.
» dreams, become king.
» fears, pirates... nasty little vermin's.
» intelligence, Smarter than you.
» languages, English, French and learning Spanish.
» personality,

narcissistic I'll be the first to admit to it. So I'm a little self-centered and egotistic. As well as every prince should be. It's very important that the prince, er royal duke, bring honor to the royal family name. I'm very concerned about my over-all appearance and will not go outside if I look anything less than the best. I can live off a good compliment for months on end. My clothing is to be the best of the best with the finest materials and tailored to my style, size and preference.

lady killer Whether it's my naturally good looks or my charming smile, the ladies can't resist me. Whenever I'm in a room the women flock to me. They swoon and awe in my presence. It's not something to complain about. I have a bit of a rep for breaking girls' hearts, but I can't just commit to one person.

charismatic I was born with a gift. I'm very charming and very persuasive. I can easily make my point and sway people to see my side. Being that I am charismatic I am also a naturally good leader.

impulsive So this trait seems to run through the family... I'm quick to judge and quick to act upon my emotions. I act on the spur of the moment without putting much thought into the consequences of my actions. However, I'm the type of person that lives life in the here and now and wait for life to throw an obstacle at me before I react. Which means I'm never stressing out about the past or what is to come.

mysterious I'm a very secretive person. I don't trust anyone, only myself. Meaning I keep many things hidden, my emotions and what not. I make quick decisions and never think to explain them to someone so everyone's left... confused. My mysterious ways not only leave everyone confused and complexed but wanting to know more about me; it just adds to my natural charming abilities.

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