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Finn - - Blow Me a Kiss

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Finn - - Blow Me a Kiss Empty Finn - - Blow Me a Kiss

Post  Yak on Mon Jan 17, 2011 5:23 pm

Finn - - Blow Me a Kiss 254y8hc

"there is no reconciliation that will put me in my place"

''give me a shot to remember!
the basics

FULL NAME elizabeth riley williams
AGE 18
JOB waitress
STATUS single

''and you can take all the pain away from me!
the appearance

WEIGHT 103 lbs
BUILD short and skinny
HAIR long black with heavy bangs
EYES brown
OTHER tramp stamp
APPAREL leather, tight jeans, band tees
OVERALL pretty with an edgy look.

''a kiss and i will surrender!
the personality

PERSONALITY She's a pill and a force to reckon with. Most of her thoughts orbit around her, and she could give a rat's butt about people. She's selfish and self-reliant; an independent, strong-willed, hard to break down girl with a very narrow mind. Nothing can get through this girl's glacier thick skull. Of course there's always that possibility she likes you, or you're hot/pretty, then you might be able to talk some sense into this girl, but then again that chance is very slim. Finn's determined and ambitious. She'd love to see her name on the big screen or even better; touring in front of large crowds. Whatever, she just wants fame and wants to be big. Surprisingly she's very optimistic which basically contradicts everything else about her. She's reckless, careless, and extremely temperamental; completely oblivious to all dangers. There's two settings to her; wild and crazy and pissed off. Finn's a smooth talker with tons of street smart which allows her to weasel out of any troubles she's caused. Her charming and quick-witted ways earns herself respect easily. To sum up Finn - she's a pain in the neck, hard to forget, easy to love, and easy to hate.
HIDDEN TALENT can sing - really good
[+] snakes
[+] bars
[+] karaoke
[+] leather
[+] kicks
[+] tight jeans
[+] rockers
[+] trampolines
[+] mowing
[+] cheese and pretzels
[+] cardboard boxes
[+] science
[-] shy people
[-] needles
[-] weak personalities
[-] most people
[-] mcdonald's
[-] anything but rock
[-] anything modern
[-] small
[-] heights
[-] enclosed spaces

''the sharpest lives are the deadliest to lead!
the history

HOMETOWN Topeka, Iowa
Finn was born in a small town in Iowa. She lived on a farm and played with the neighborhood boys. She was one of the guys; tough, rough, insensitive, gross, and everything else. Things were great until she turned 12 and her dad passed away. There was no way her mom could run the farm by herself so they sold what they had and moved into a bigger city in the apartment. That's when Finn got her first taste of fame. They'd go to the movies and Finn knew that's what she wanted; to be on the big screen and live like a star - she had the looks after all. Life after she moved was miserable, it was full of crushed dreams and empty hopes. Her mom was always telling Finn she had what it took to become a star; but how could Finn believe her? They lived in the middle of no where, how was she supposed to be discovered? Finn grew rebellious and wild and started partying with much older maturer crowd than her. Now the girl had a pretty solid head on her shoulders, drugs were a no-no, but alcohol and smoking on the other hand was a different story. The only way Finn knew how to stand out in a blended small community was to do the unthinkable. She was the wild, crazy party animal in a town full of girls and boys dedicated to their chores and pleasing their parents. Finn's mom tried to help her daughter, but Finn ended up pushing her further away until she ran away from home. She'd find her fame in LA. That was until she crossed paths with Lucky 7. To her, it was home. She was given her first horse and fell in love, though the fame dreams still linger.

Finn - - Blow Me a Kiss DaisyLowePHStevenMeiselPringleSprin

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