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Luke Dawson - the daredevil

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Luke Dawson - the daredevil Empty Luke Dawson - the daredevil

Post  Asylum on Wed Jan 19, 2011 1:43 am

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The Cover:

Full Name: Luke Ben Dawson.
Nickname: No nicknames, currently.
Birthdate: 13th April, 1994.
Age: 17.
Occupation: Unemployed.
Wealth Class: Middle
Sexual Orientation: Straight.
Relationship Status: Single, not interested in altering this status, at the moment, either.
Nationality: 50% American, 50% Australian.

The Appearance:

Height: 6'2
Weight: Unknown.
Build: Athletic.
Hair: Black with natural cobalt-like highlights.
Eyes: Aqua Blue
Dress:Usually seen in black jeans, a white, red or blue t-shirt and often, a hoodie.
Notes: Luke has pale skin, but not deathly white. He has darkly coloured hair with blue streaks, making it look sort of cobaltish black. His hair is styled emoishly and he likes it that way. His eyes are a gorgeous, aqua blue but not many people recognize that because most of them stay away from him. Luke has several piercings that include; his tongue, his ears, his eyebrow and his nose. He doesn't really care what his appearance may turn out to be. He is also normally dressed in dark clothing from head to toe.

The Mind:

Personality:Luke is an evil, mysterious guy and will sometimes lure someone in, making them believe he likes them and then slaughter them for entertainment. He is far more dangerous than most teenage boys appear to be. Luke isn't very good at socializing and his weakest points are when someone tries to weave their way into his life and change it; knowing someone cares. He can be very violent and sometimes too bloodthirsty so he kills in public, but he normally kills in his room which is very isolated and is always watched. Some say Luke has a soft side but others say he is too deadly to care about anything but himself. The truth is, he does have a soft side but it rarely shows.


o Dark areas
o Playing pranks on vulnerable people
o Fist fighting/weapon fighting
o Gore/Horror movies


o Attention seekers
o Fake personality's
o People who pretend to be fearless
o Liars

Fears: Someone breaking through his heartless barrier.
Aspirations: None
Habits/Quirks: Folding his arms across his chest when being socialized with, cutting his wrists when feeling depressed or bored, feeling the urge to attack harmless and vulnerable people.
Strengths: Being able to persuade people without much effort.
Weaknesses: None known.

The Past:


o Jessica Dawson, mother, 29 years of age, lawyer, dead.
o Oscar Dawson, father, 35 years of age, unemployed, dead.

Hometown: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
Overall Past: When Luke was a baby, his mother died at birth and he was took into the care of his drunken father. He spent most of the time at the local pubs where his father got drunk daily. At the age of 3, he was very anorexic and mistreated with gashes and sores all over his body from the lethal beatings of his father. When he turned 13, Luke learnt to fight back and eventually killed his father and was charged for murder. He was in gaol for 4 years then taken out and sent to boarding school.

The Present: Isn't worried about school and often is running away, causing trouble for the teachers and has injured many students within the school. Not worrying about the future, Luke is living his life and struggling to drain the depression and rage that fuels his body.

The Companion/Pet/Best Friend/etc:

Name: Sylvia
Age: 1 year.
Gender: Female
Type: Snake
Personality: Lazy, rarely takes notice of her owner and basks under the warm heat in her tank.


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Luke Dawson - the daredevil Empty Re: Luke Dawson - the daredevil

Post  Brumby on Wed Jan 19, 2011 1:57 am

^ ^ ^ ^ He's kinda cute, :3 ^ ^ ^ ^

I'll keep looking though, he doesn't look harsh enough.

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Luke Dawson - the daredevil Empty Re: Luke Dawson - the daredevil

Post  TheElves on Wed Jan 19, 2011 2:40 pm

Where does he live now? o-0 Cause in your thread it says Soundwave something Australia, but it's in Ochre Lake. I'll have to make another town for that thread, cause Ochre Lake is in America. Neutral

Luke Dawson - the daredevil Tumblr_ln4gn54Neu1qb07pf

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Luke Dawson - the daredevil Empty Re: Luke Dawson - the daredevil

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