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    Amazing Beasts.

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    Amazing Beasts. Empty Amazing Beasts.

    Post  ILuvWolves on Thu Dec 24, 2009 1:11 am

    Fox- Big bold Gray and white, with black flex, long haired female wolf, she has black eyes, and is 3 years old, she loves hunting and playing around. She wants a mate, but isn't to desperate to get one.
    Amazing Beasts. JP0701 ( This is Fox)

    Sharny- Beautiful pure white/cream female wolf. She is 2 years old and her mother died and now she just wanders around. No one will accept her into their packs.
    Amazing Beasts. White_wolf_wallpaper_by_Carissa_Wolfx

    SilverSnow- Cool looking Grey 4 year old Female wolf, she loves others, is always nice unless some else is being mean she will give them there own back. She doesn't mind males or puppies.

    Flur- Pretty Grey Female wolf. She is a loner, all he pack got kicked off by bigger and stronger wolves. She is 3 years old and is looking to start another pack with a male wolf.
    Amazing Beasts. Wolves-targets-again-01

    Diesel- Beautiful Grey, Black, Fawn Long Haired Male Wolf, He is 4 years old and has brown eyes and is looking for a pack and a mate and he doesn't really like other male wolves but is very kind with female wolves. he loves puppies!
    Amazing Beasts. Taiga-wolves-175870_800_600 (This is Diesel)

    Champ- Black 3 year old Male Wolf, he is a loner and prefers to stay that way. He will be friends with others but likes to live by himself. He is big and bold.
    Amazing Beasts. Romeo

    Zak- Gorgeous Male white 3 year old wolf, he is playful, funny, and can be mean and hurtful if others treat him wrong or if they get on his nerves.

    Suger, Drifter, Comet are a pack, they meet up when they were randomly wandering around. They are all 5 years old and Drifter is a Male & Comet and Suger are females. The two girls love Drifter. Drifter doesn't let them out of his site. The are tan, grey, & black.
    Amazing Beasts. Wolves

    Zippa- Gorgeous Grey with black flex male wolf. He has short hair but is very cute. He is 4 years old and just got kicked out of his pack coz he lead his pack down the wrong path and they ended up having a big fight with this pack that no one ever fights coz they are so strong. He is looking for a someone to just hang out with and cruise around with. He can get real angry at other males... He doesn't much like them he will get into a fight with them..
    Amazing Beasts. Wolf0631380_2

    JJ- Cool looking grey, tan, black, & white male wolf. He is 4 years old. Humans caught him one day but he escaped from likea two days later. He is silant no one hears him coming no one can even smell him usually. He travils around by him self. He doesn't mind other wolves.
    Amazing Beasts. Grey_wolves_1249074c

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    Amazing Beasts. Empty MORE BACON

    Post  TheBaconator on Mon Jan 17, 2011 5:46 pm

    As I am sure the wolves would agree....MORE BACON!!!

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