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who could ask for more? Empty who could ask for more?

Post  Echelon on Sun Jan 02, 2011 6:39 pm

who could ask for more? 4207831588_072ee7705d
Charlotte Valdez

All you gotta do is cross the line...

FULL NAME: Charlotte Marie Valdez
NICKNAMES: Friends call her Charlie, goes by Harley at work
AGE: 21
WEALTH CLASS: Lower middle

I'll be waiting on the other side

HAIR: Long brunette, with natural highlights and side bangs
SKIN: Fair
EYES: Light brown
HEIGHT: 5'4"
BUILD: Short and skinny
APPAREL: Skinny jeans, tank tops, lots of belts

I'm complicated, you're as straight as they come

Daring - Charlie never turns down a dare, unless it's something really bad. Growing up with 3 older brothers, she's always been a bit of a daredevil, even if it gets her in a lot of trouble.
Smart - She was a straight A student through high school, but has never been some show off about it.
Low Maintenance - Charlie is the type of girl that doesn't care about makeup or designer clothes. She puts on what she wants and leaves.
Sensitive - One of Charlie's flaws is that she takes small things too seriously. She'll laugh when she gets hurt, but takes offense to stupid things. She's always put herself down about it, too.
Down to earth - Charlie chooses realistic goals. She's a little bit of a tree-huger, but not like the never-takes-showers type.
HIDDEN TALENT: Musically gifted on piano.
LIKES: People, drinking, long nights, sleeping, laughing, horses, giraffes, rain, and painting.
DISLIKES: Fake people, death, snow, discrimination, and kiss-ups.

It's better if you don't understand

[size=11]HOMETOWN: Tucson, Arizona
BIRTHDAY: August 16th, 1989
HISTORY: Charlie grew up with everything. She had money, a huge house, lots of land with horses, great parents, and 3 older brothers that were pretty much her bodyguards. All she wanted was a sister. Someone that she could relate to besides her mom, that was all she wanted. Her mom had all her kids when she was young, and Charlie longed for another one. One day, she thought that her dreams had come true when her mom came home with exciting news.

The days passed slowly, but the ultrasound showed a girl! Charlie couldn't be happier. The months dragged on, but the baby came early. Charlie, who was now 10, couldn't wait to bring her sister home. She didn't understand that the baby was a whole month early. To the whole family's dismay, the baby was dead. They couldn't bear to tell the girl that her sister wasn't coming after all. Charlie didn't take the news well. She stayed in her room with the door locked for the rest of the day.

Years passed. Charlie's mom didn't think she could stand to try again. She knew that all Charlie wanted was a younger sister. She was now 15, and the baby would have been 5. The pain was gone but the memory was still there, and seemed it would come back to haunt her every day. Charlie loved high school, and her older brothers were there to help her. Two were juniors and one was a senior, so Charlie always felt safe.

One day, Charlie's long time best friend announced that her mom had a baby girl. Charlie was happy for her friend, but started to act different. She felt like everyone else was happy except for her. Her friends noticed, too. Charlie got worse every day, to the point where she just didn't want to live anymore. At least not like this. She couldn't. She was invited to a party to "loosen up", and Charlie gladly went. She was told that drinking helped, and she listened.

She started with beers, but once she was a little buzzed, she craved more. Her friends were excited to see her acting like herself, and kept giving her more and more, all were totally un-aware of the effects of alcohol. Soon Charlie was drinking straight from the bottle of whiskey. By now, her friends were actually begging her to stop. Charlie didn't care. She felt alive again, totally free. The party was heating up, because this once-depressed girl was running around crashing into people and screaming and falling over.

Charlie payed for it that night. She stayed at her best friends house for the night, in the bathroom. She slept on the cold floor throwing up everything that she put into herself. The family heard, and Charlie's friend just told them that she ate something bad. She could never repay her for saving her butt. She went home two days later once she felt semi-normal. That night stayed with Charlie forever, but dared not to do it again.

Charlie graduated high school, still having a small drink every now and again, but she felt like herself again. Soon she could have her own baby instead of longing for that sister. But she promised herself that she wouldn't until she was married. She was a kid inside, and wanted it to stay that way. When she turned 21, Charlie still promised not to drink like that. Instead, she got a job as a bartender. She acted completely different at work, dressing edgy and going by "Harley". She'd done everything - call people out, kick people out, break up bar fights, get into bar fights, and more.


who could ask for more? Chestnut_saddlebred_7_by_venomxbabycopy-1

Name - Kodachrome
Barn Name - Koda
Breed - Saddlebred gelding
Coloring - Chestnut
Age - 10
Height - 15.4hh
Training - Barrels & Poles

(more coming)

lyrics - the other side, bruno mars

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